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At the Police Station

At the police station, we offer a 24 hour service, seven days a week. The local police stations have our 24 hour police station telephone number. A representative from Foster Wells can be at the police station within a short time of receiving the call and is always on call to assist you.

Access to legal advice at the police station is entirely free of charge.

You are entitled to speak to a representative from Foster Wells at any time. You should make sure that you ask for a representative from Foster Wells to be present before and during your interview. We will establish the nature of the police evidence and advise you as to your options in interview. We will be present during interview to provide continual advice.

At the police station, you have a number of rights:

 You have the right to free legal advice throughout your time in custody.

 You have the right to have someone notified of your arrest.

 You have the right to consult the codes of practice (a booklet governing
 police powers whilst you are in custody).

If you are arrested, ask the police to telephone Foster Wells. If you are to be interviewed, we will attend the police station promptly to advise you. You should never agree to be interviewed by the police without receiving legal advice.


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