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Child Protection and the Involvement of Social Services

If Social Services have concerns about the standard of care that you are giving your children, they may become involved with your family. You may even be asked to attend a Child Protection Case Conference. This is a meeting where people from agencies such as the police, schools and medical professionals will be invited to hear about your case and make any recommendations as to whether your children should be registered on a Child Protection Register.

If you are a parent and the local authority are involved with your family under their Child Protection procedures you have a right to obtain legal advice, and we at Foster Wells can help you through the process.

If Social Services are discussing the possibility of issuing care proceedings, you should immediately seek legal advice. If care proceedings have already been issued in respect of your children, you are automatically entitled to public funding (Legal Aid). It does not matter how much money you earn. Foster Wells can represent you and help you through this difficult time.


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