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The Law

Military personnel are subject to the civil law first just like any other citizen and are therefore subject to all the criminal and motoring offences that all members of the public are. In addition, however, they are also subject to a set of purely military offences under the Army Act 1955 which often have no equivalent in civil law. These include offences such as desertion, absence without leave, ill-treatment of a soldier and of course the ever reliable S69, conduct prejudiced to good order and military discipline. It is often said that if the civil law cant get you, the military law will!

There are also an enormous number of minor rules and regulations classified as standing order which are contained in several volumes of the AGAI, the Adjutant Generals Administrative Instructions. These are the more minor rules by which everyday life in the Army is run. They are over everything from BFG regulations to range safety. They are extensive and they also change over time as they are updated or amended. The catch is that all military personnel are deemed to know them!! In other words, ignorance of the law is no defence!


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