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Military Police Interviews

This is a topic which gets all military lawyers hot under the collar! Any service personnel regardless of rank or income is entitled to a lawyer free of charge in any RMP, SIB or Civilian police interview. It is a fundamental and very important right. It is therefore a source of concern and frustration to lawyers that many servicemen unlike civilians choose to be interviewed by the police without a lawyer present. It often is totally damaging to the case and by the time the lawyers get involved at Court Martial stage it is too late and the damage is done. The advice from Foster Wells Military Law team is simple be firm, be sensible and insist on your rights. Ask for a lawyer from Foster Wells to represent you free of charge.

Even abroad, the rules have changed and although one still has to begin with a service lawyer, if there is a conflict or a decision not to proceed with that lawyer a civilian lawyer must be appointed. Again Foster Wells have years of experience of assisting servicemen abroad at short notice free of charge.


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